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Introducing Aiden v0.0.1: An AI-Powered Standup Bot

Jun 11, 2024

This is a Glimpse into the Future of Human-AI Collaboration.


Daily standup meetings are a cornerstone of Agile software development, extending beyond tech teams to become a widespread practice. Every morning, for 10-20 minutes, team members gather to discuss what they accomplished yesterday, their plans for today, and any blockers they need help with.


However, the landscape has changed. With the rise of hybrid and fully remote teams, especially during and after the pandemic, traditional daily standup meetings have become less effective. The need for a modern approach to achieve the same goals has become apparent.

Here are some challenges we and our peers have encountered:

  1. Coordination Issues: Syncing meeting times across distributed teams, especially those in different time zones, is inefficient and often frustrating.

  2. Inefficiency: Much of the time spent in standup meetings involves listening to updates that are not directly relevant, resulting in wasted time.

  3. Underutilized Insights: Operational insights shared during meetings are often not effectively utilized and tend to fade away due to lack of follow-ups.

  4. Tool Overload: Team members use multiple tools, making it difficult to track and recall activities accurately across platforms.

Our Solution

Asynchronous daily standup meetings are emerging as the go-to solution for remote teams. To support this shift, we're excited to introduce Aiden, our AI-powered standup bot. Designed to transform how teams share updates and identify blockers, Aiden is here to turn daily operational knowledge into actionable outcomes.


  1. Reduce Meeting Time: With Aiden, you can cut down or even eliminate synchronous standups, freeing up time for focused work.

  2. Flexible Scheduling: Customize your standup schedule to fit your team's workflow. Asynchronous notes allow team members to participate according to their own schedules, especially useful across different time zones.

  3. Customizable Workflow: Leveraging the latest AI technology, Aiden can be tailored to your team's specific workflows. For instance, if you are a software engineer, Aiden can access your GitHub repository, summarize daily updates from commits, and draft reports each morning. More customization options are on the way.

  4. Beyond a Standup Bot: This is just the beginning. We're developing a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance all aspects of you and your team's operations, from tracking achievements to automating routine tasks. And, you can even teach Aiden to learn some of your tasks very soon!

Call For Early Users

We're looking for early users to join us on this journey and help shape Aiden's future. Visit Aident.ai to learn more and get started.

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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Try Early Access Now!